Lydford Weir repair project, monthly progress

September 2010; Village group present to Parish Council and Lydford Weir Repair Group is formed.

October 2010; Historical search tried to access church records but these are in transit from Wells to Taunton. In negotiation with King o Mill to access very old mill ownership documents.

Fund raisers map out a series of fund raising events in the Lydford Parish Rooms.

Technical group meet to map out scope of work, building on earlier study by Jacobs Gibb

Environment Agency (EA) contacted to define permits needed.

Agree to plan and delivier an All Village meeting, in November.

November 2010; Historical search obtains agreement to view King o Mill documents.

Lydford Fund Raisers agree to monies from Christmas event to go into weir repair funds.

Technical group develop the first draft of the scope of work, method statement and risk analysis, suite of documents.

December 2010; King o Mill documents do not show that they are the owners of the weir. Discussions on what are ownership laws for Riparian Rights owners.

Fund raisers detail events for first half of 2011, roughly one per month. Fund raisers discuss other sources of funds.

Technical group send off set of draft documents to EA for their review.

All Village meeting held, Parish rooms full, presentations on 4 aspects of weir repair, 100% vote to go forward.

January 2011; Further discussions on ownership and Riparian Rights owners. Realise this is a complex area and need legal advice.

Fund raising events going well. Decide to investiage Viridor Credits and National Lottery Grants.

Letter asking for support and gifts is hand delivered to over 150 local residences and other organisations that have an interest in the weir remaining.

Technical group meet EA and receive constructive input to all of the documents.

Receive an estimate for the work from a bridge contractor who has worked in the local area, of approximately £50,000.

February 2011; First legal review confirms that legal proof of ownership of a weir is frequently lost and can be very difficult to prove beyond doubt. Riparian law is also complex, further legal guidance sought.

Local fund raising progressing. Viridor Credits and Lottery contact made. discussions on the formation of a company and charity.

Replies to letter requesting support received from interested parties, wishing us well in our endeavours, but no donations or pledges.

Technical group redraft documents with EA comments included.

March 2011; Draft scope of work or a legal opinion on Riparian Law drafted, and list of three barristers collected.

Local events continue to happen and others planned. Royal Wedding event, streamed live into St Peters Church followed by a ‘wedding buffett’, being fleshed out.

Technical group develop a list of works contractors.

April 2011; Barrister scope of work agreed and sent out for quotations.

Scope of work etc sent out for quotations.

May 2011; Royal Wedding event great success, giant screening of wedding, followed by a food in the Parish Rooms.

Agreed not to pursure Lottery fund pplication, but to focus on Viridor Credits.

June 2011; Quotation recieved. Barrister chosen and asked to undertake work.

Two contractors declined to bid, two more found and invited.

July 2011; Virodor Credits grant application completed (over 100 pages in total), and submitted.

Local fund raising continues.

Legal opinion recieved, confirming complexity. This leads to the view that Riparian Rights owners are most likely to hold the rights to the weir. Discussions held with Riparian Rights owners over repair risks and liabilities.

August 2011; Contractor quotations recieved.

Agreement reached with Riparian Rights owners over repair by the Weir Repair Group.

September 2011; Viridor Credits asked for more input from the local and wider community before they will offer support.

200 letters hand delivered to the local community and intersted parties, stating desperate need for the repair, and funds.

All contractor bids now evaluated, prefered contractor agreed upon, but commitment not made until funding is more secure.

Riparian Rights owners sign letters to allow community to undertake repair work.

October 2011; Agreed Lydford Weir Company, limited by guarantee, needed, and it will be a charity

Monies start to come in from the Request for Support letter.

Charled Hazelwood offers to give a presentation to raise funds.

Fund Raising events continue, funds held now at over £5,000

November 2011; In the local press, Mendip times, Western Gazette, Lydford Newsletter.

Receive significant donations from local residents in response to Request for Support letter. Amazing vote of confidence, in the project and community.

Selected contractor contacted and told of current status

December 2011; Viridor Credits grant of £25,000 awarded.

Lydford Weir Company formed.

Charles Hazelwood event a great success, over £1,000 raised. Audience seriously stimulated by the event.

Lydford Christmas Revue great success.

Contracotr and EA visited site and start work on getting permits to work.

January 2012; Company bank account opened.

Charity application forms completed and submitted.

Additional charity fund raising effort initiated, aiming to raise approximately £20,000 needed to complete the full scope of work, plus contingency, by mid 2012.

Contractor and EA review all currrent data and project that the works may be undertaken in mid 2012. With a lot of preparation work needed by all.

February 2012; Lydford Parish Council donated over £2,500 towards the weir repair. Other local donations also recieved.

Local fund raising events continue to be organised, and enjoyed by the community. Burns Night was a great success.

Contractor and Weir Repair group meet at weir to define works for envirnmental mitigation, and clear access for works equipment.

Lydford Weir Company elect 3 extra directors from the lcoal community, to give more depth and diversity.

First quarterly project progress report given to Viridot Credits

March 2012: The Lydford Weir Company Secretary, and Project Delivery Manager announced his relocation to Australia, so a number of changes have been made to the company and delviery team:

The Lydford Weir Company elected four new directors, Angela, Ted Alexander, John Long Snr, and Steve Garrett, who kindly also agreed to be the Compnay Secretary.

The Charity Commission came back with questions and these were positively responded to.

Suttle Projects came back with reviewd works and a new detailed quotation, in response to the EA’s review of the scope of work and method statement, this has a significant cost rise. More fund raising is needed.


Herlpful discussions were held with the EA on ways forward, with the project and fund raising. These are all being progressed.

April 2012; Another significant grant application is about to be submitted.

The Chartiy Commission has granted us charity status. Fantastic News

Presentation to the Parish Council Annual Public Meeting on the Weir Project progress over the last 18 months, and latest position given to the Lydford on Fosse Community.